Silicon Valley Rocket Scientist Declares…

On December 19, an FDA Anomaly Could Launch the “God Key” 35,000%

“I have personally invested my money in 89 of the world’s most promising, breakthrough technologies. The ‘God Key’ is More Valuable than ALL OF THEM COMBINED.”

–Jeff Brown, Editor, Exponential Tech Investor

Bonner & Partners

Hi, my name is Jeff Brown. I’m the Chief Technology Analyst at Bonner & Partners.

I specialize in finding early stage technology opportunities for readers of my research service, Exponential Tech Investor.

For more than two decades, I’ve worked in Asia and Silicon Valley at the executive level for some of the hottest tech companies in the world.  

I’ve been featured on CNBC Asia, Channel News Asia (the “CNN of the East”), the Taipei Times, and various other mainstream outlets.

I’m also a formal adviser to 8 technology startups.

You can boil all of my experience down to one central fact: I am devoted to finding the biggest opportunities in technology.

As a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, I have personally invested my money in 89 of the world’s most promising breakthrough technologies.

What I call the “God Key” is more valuable than ALL OF THEM COMBINED.

That’s why I’m so excited about this innovative technology on the verge of mass adoption…

The U.S. Department of Defense…





And 3 famous billionaire investors…

Are all eagerly anticipating an announcement about what I call the “God Key” expected on December 19… just weeks from now.

This announcement could send shares of the tiny companies involved with the “God Key” through the roof.

In fact, according to our projections, the “God Key” industry could be worth $1 trillion within the next decade – a 35,111% increase from where it is today.

That’s seven times bigger than the entire cancer drug industry!

That’s why these three famous billionaire investors – Bill Gates, Peter Thiel, and Napster and Facebook founder Sean Parker – are all heavily invested in the technology I call “God Key.”

And you should be, too.

There’s a chance you could multiply your wealth several times over the next twelve months – thanks to the “God Key.” And much more over time.

But what is the “God Key”? And why is it so valuable?

Well, to start, research has shown the “God Key” is capable of slowing down or outright curing all of these diseases:

And, really, those only just scratch the surface of what the “God Key” can potentially cure.

Best of all, this breakthrough is progressing much faster than originally thought possible.

You see, when scientists developed the “God Key” in 2012, they were certain that human trials were a long way off.

But due to the rapid advancements in “God Key” technology, human trials started within five years. (That’s practically unheard of in the medical community!)

The miraculous possibilities the “God Key” unlocks are nearly limitless.

And in just a moment, I’ll tell you more about the “God Key” miracle and its amazing potential…

But right now, in its early stages, the most exciting aspect of this breakthrough technology for us is the unbelievable profit potential.

You see, recently, an FDA panel unanimously recommended that the agency approve a special therapy.

Final approval from the FDA is currently pending.

And while we cannot predict the exact day and time of this announcement, we believe this could potentially happen the week of December 19th.

When this approval gets passed, we expect the small companies that hold all the key patents to go parabolic.

That’s why smart investors – like Bill Gates and PayPal founder Peter Thiel – are taking early stakes in the companies developing this technology…

These professional investors and wealthy business men know a fundamental secret about getting rich (or, in their case, “richer”) … when it comes to breakthrough technology

And that is this:

You can’t wait to see 100% verifiable proof of concept in action.

Once all the risk is out of the equation, all the profits are, too!

For example, in June 2013, you could have doubled your money buying Alexion stock after the FDA approved their rare blood treatment.

Nobody would turn away 100%+ gains.

But you might if you knew you could make 70 times as much instead.

Had you taken a stake BEFORE confirmation from the FDA, you could have made 7,390% gains.

On a $10,000 investment, that’s the difference between making $739,000 and $10,000.

Or consider a company called Questcor Pharmaceuticals. They developed a kidney treatment called Acthar Gel.

In 2014, positive results came back from their clinical trials.

Had you bought shares when that news came out, you would have made just 16%.

But had you bought shares of Questcor early on… back in 2007, you could have pocketed as much as 6,639%.

On a $10,000 investment that’s a $662,300 difference.

Here’s another example…

Tesaro, Inc. is a Nasdaq-listed company with a drug called “Varubi.” It prevents nausea in patients receiving chemotherapy.

Had you bought shares when the company announced news of FDA approval, you could have tripled your money.

Had you bought BEFORE the announcement, you could have made as much as 1,437%...

14 times your money.

On April 25, 2016, a company called Exelixis received approval for a renal cell carcinoma treatment. Shares have more than tripled.

Had you invested just a couple years BEFORE this news, you would have made 1,417% instead.

Of course, past performance is never a guarantee of future success, but I’m convinced you could see similar gains from the “God Key.”

Over the next decade, it could deliver gains so large… Well, let’s just say you could absolutely walk away with a once-in-a-lifetime cash windfall.

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten in on a breakthrough like this… just before it went up. I’ve made a habit of it throughout my career.

In 2005, I was the head of a Global Strategy division at Qualcomm – the wireless semiconductor giant.

Since my time with the company, shares more than doubled.

In 2008, NXP Semiconductors recruited me to join their executive turnaround team by taking over its Japanese subsidiary. The company was struggling and needed some emergency help.

Within two years, the business was back on track. And after going public, the stock has risen as much as 761%.

(And my personal stake in the business rose 940%.)

The folks who heard me speak at a small family office gathering last winter in Nicaragua know to pay attention.

Bill Bonner was there.

His #1 value analyst, Chris Mayer, was there as well.

And I pounded the table on a small chipmaker.

This company – Nvidia – went on to be the single best-performing stock on the S&P 500 in 2016.

It beat 499 other companies and returned more than 300% to shareholders.

Since I mentioned it at that meeting, it’s returned more than 500%.

The opportunity I’m tracking now could do just as well in 2018…

If you get in before December 19, you could make even more money.

Here’s why:

You see, according to Time magazine, there are “huge profits” up for grabs.

“Commercial control over the underlying technology could be worth billions,” according to MIT’s Technology Review.

And what’s happening on December 19 has to do with an anomaly within the FDA review process…

Something that could quickly clear the way for human trials in the U.S…

The fact is right now, America and China are racing to test the “God Key” on humans.

To some, it’s reminiscent of the “space race” from the 1960s.

China has a head start on the United States…

On October 28 of last year, Chinese scientists in Chengdu used the “God Key” on lung cancer cells…

And introduced those cells back into lung cancer patients.  

The whole world is watching this trial.

It now looks like preliminary results will be available early 2018.

If the Chinese government deems it “safe” – it’ll be a major victory for the “God Key.”

More money will pour into academic centers and startups worldwide…

And the stocks I’ve been tracking will likely pop.

If the Chinese government deems it safe AND also reports the cancer has gone into remission…

Then I suspect we’ll see 60 Minutes stories…

Front-page, New York Times articles…

And these stocks I’m tracking will go through the roof.

What about America?

We aren’t far behind.

Sean Parker, the bright mind behind Napster and Facebook, has given $250 million to fund a “God Key” trial at the University of Pennsylvania.

The National Institutes of Health has approved the trial, which involves 18 patients with several types of cancer.

All they need is approval from the FDA, and the trials will start.

And as I mentioned earlier…

An FDA panel already unanimously recommended that the agency approve another trial…

Final approval from the FDA is could come very soon.

Again, we can’t predict the exact day and time of this announcement, but we believe the week of December 19th is strategically key.

Last year, the FDA made three times more announcements in December than in the previous two months...

(It seems like they try to “clean house” before the Christmas holiday.)

Or we could see news of this in Q1 of 2018. It’s hard to say right now.

But remember, this technology has already proven to move far faster than anyone ever expected.

So if you’re interested in this opportunity, you can’t afford to wait.

When U.S. approval happens, I expect to see a major flurry of publicity around the “God Key.”

Every event that brings this breakthrough further into the mainstream means bigger gains for early investors in this space.

When the results of the trials come back…

It could be the biggest boon to the medical industry in history.

There really is no comparison for this situation… but smaller-scale medical breakthroughs than this one have minted millionaires.

For example…

Investors who took early stakes in companies like Genentech, Amgen, Celgene, and Biogen made millions in some cases. 

If you’d invested $5,000 when Celgene was an upstart, you’d have more than $2.18 million today.

Biogen multiplied 920 times over, turning every $5,000 into $4.6 million.

I think we could see a similar outcome here.

Over time, early investors in the “God Key”
could make 100-FOLD gains…

I know that sounds hard to believe. But nearly everything I’ve predicted in this space has come true…

From the companies I predicted would go public… to certain key developments around patents…

I have literally been following this technology from its inception back in 2012…

In fact, one of the first emails I sent to my readership as Chief Technology Analyst at Bonner & Partners was about the “God Key” technology…

And that was before there was a single public stock to trade in the space.

That’s how excited I was, and still am, by this medical innovation.

My exact words at the time were:

I’m not exaggerating when I say the company scheduled to go public could change the world… while handing early investors massive gains.

I’m sure you’ve heard this sort of claim before. So have I. I’m immediately skeptical when I hear something like it.

But I’ve been following this specific technology since 2012 when some groundbreaking research was published.

I know this technology will change the trajectory of the human race.

I believe – right now – we are witnessing the birth of a new, trillion-dollar market.

And, best of all, you can now buy into it on a public exchange.

Of course, there’s always the risk that these “God Key” trials are failures, and the investment opportunities don’t play out as we expect…

But that’s exactly what gives it such huge potential right now.

These huge opportunities don’t exist for investors without risk built in.

So you can always just wait for the results to come through for all the “God Key” trials…

But you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

It’s a dilemma for investors.

But it’s a no brainer for seasoned speculators.

For example:

On August 31, 2012, a company called Medivation saw a big development from the trials of its prostate treatment.

At the time, shares were trading at $26.21.

Over the next 4 years, shares hit a high of over 80 bucks, before Pfizer acquired Medivation.

A 205% gain if you bought shares of Medivation after the big prostate news in 2012.

By itself, that’s a great return.

But the way I see it – that was a huge loss…

An enormous missed opportunity.

Had you seen the value of Medivation’s prostate drug a couple years before the clinical trials were done… you could have picked up shares for a little more than 2 bucks.

You could have walked away with gains of 3,587%, instead of 205%.

On a $10,000 investment, that’s the difference between making $358,700 and $20,500.

That’s the difference between buying a second home… or buying a used car.

Or consider a company called Acadia Pharmaceuticals.

In 2014, they received a special approval from the FDA for Nuplazid, a treatment for Parkinson’s disease psychosis.

The shares at the time of the announcement traded around $25.

Recently, the stock traded for close to $40 per share – a nearly 60% increase.

Not bad…

But had you taken a stake just a few years earlier – before people were hyping the stock…

You could have pocketed as much as 3,981%.

On a $10,000 investment…

That’s a $392,100 difference.

That’s 6 or 7 years of retirement money for some folks.

40 vacations…

4 years of tuition at Harvard and a couple new cars.

In December 2014, Lannett Company – a Philadelphia-based therapeutics business – received approval from the FDA for its glaucoma treatment.

In the year or so that followed, the stock price jumped as high as $67 – a 52% increase.

But had you bought shares just a few years earlier, you could have made 1,700% or more.

Again, on 10 grand, that’s a $164,800 difference.

Most investors are content to leave hundreds of thousands on the table for the peace of mind of a quick, double-digit gain.

But not me – that’s not why I invest in technologies.

And if that’s a trade-off you’d rather make, then that’s OK.

Everyone has their own comfort level.

If you’re a more conservative investor, what I’ve discovered on the “God Key” is probably not right for you.

I can’t remove the risk from this situation.

And I wouldn’t want to.

If there weren’t a fair amount of risk right now, the upside wouldn’t be so enormous.

What I can guarantee you is this:

If this breakthrough develops as I believe it will…

This could become a trillion-dollar industry rather quickly…

And the stocks I’m recommending have the potential to shoot up 50-100 times over the long haul.

The “God Key” will give us the power to eliminate hundreds of diseases once thought incurable…

Some of these applications will take a few years to play out.

Others a bit longer.

And some, as you’ll see, are happening right now.

For example, a 32-year-old Minnesota resident named Ben Dupree has muscular dystrophy… and saw the “God Key” eliminate the disease from his cells in a lab.

“I try to be realistic with my expectations,” says Dupree. “But that gave me a sense of ‘Wow, this is here.’”

“It’s the biochemical equivalent of a magic wand,” writes American journalist Nathan Comp.

He continues:

“Perhaps not since Gutenberg’s printing press have humans entrusted themselves with a tool so powerful. This may well be a watershed moment in human history.”

“[The God Key technology] is spreading like wildfire from everyone who knows about it and it certainly is very tantalizing,” says George Church of Harvard University.

Church, an American molecular engineer, has 30 of the brightest scientists in the world working round the clock on Harvard Medical School’s campus. They’re all working on the “God Key.”

Scientists at Berkeley, Stanford, Northwestern, and other top-tier academic centers are all racing to publish papers on and patent various “God Key” applications as well.

That’s why some of the academic institutions I mentioned are aligned with tiny startups, which are in a race of their own to bring applications of the “God Key” to market.

Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Celgene, Google, DuPont, Novartis, and other big corporations are taking stakes in these tiny startups, as well.

Bayer, for example, recently invested $335 million in a small “God Key” company. That single investment exceeds the value of 42% of all publicly traded companies on the U.S. stock markets.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals, whose claim to fame is a cystic fibrosis therapy, just invested $105 million in a tiny “God Key” company.

As Rodolphe Barrangou, a biologist at North Carolina State University, said:

“With [the ‘God Key’], the range of potential uses is so huge – everybody wants in.”

That’s exactly why several famous billionaires, prestigious universities, and high-powered pharmaceutical companies are all actively investing in the “God Key”…

Plus, the National Institutes of Health, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, the U.S. Army Research Office, and the Office of Naval Research are all backing this effort in some way.

They are all eager to be part of the greatest innovation of our time…

An innovation that could go down in the history books alongside the first moon landing as one of mankind’s most important moments.

That may sound unbelievable, I know…

If it were such a big deal, you’d have heard of this development before, right?

But the fact is, the science and academic communities know about this breakthrough.

In 2016, there were 1,713 essays and articles about the “God Key.” (That’s 33 a week, or nearly 5 a day, every single day of the year.)

Mainly in academic and trade journals like International Journal of Molecular Sciences, American Scientist, and Nature.

But if this big milestone takes place in December, media coverage will explode. You’ll see this story leap into the mainstream with stories on CBS, ABC, 60 Minutes, and so on.

The bottom line is this:

There is a specific code in nature that determines the behavior of all organic life on this planet: DNA.

And now – after 30 years – researchers have finally found the key that unlocks this code. They have the “God Key.” And it can do some truly spectacular things.

Early investors have the potential to make staggering returns. You won’t believe me when I tell you how much.

If you have any risk capital set aside, pay close attention today…

I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

OK, by now, you’re likely wondering:

What is the “God Key”?

In short, it’s a billion-year-old anomaly in nature…

One that scientists essentially stumbled upon and now use to perform miracles…

You see, every time a virus attacks a bacteria, the bacteria keeps a DNA record of it.

It’s like a “viral fingerprint.”

And it gets logged into empty DNA spaces – between repeating DNA sequences.

So if the virus ever attacks again, the bacteria can recognize it and fight back.

As scientists did more digging, they detected these “viral fingerprints” in more than half of all bacteria and single-celled organisms.

It was like a “primordial immune system” writes Wired magazine.

What these researchers uncovered is the foundation for the “God Key”…

But there’s more to the story.

You see, these weird, repeating strands of DNA don’t just catalog the viruses…

What I’m about to describe next is what has the scientific and investment communities buzzing…

Imagine if the U.S. military had a bionic soldier who could be dropped into any environment, seamlessly adapt, and get the job done.

An off-the-books job in North Korea?

No problem.

The military could program this special soldier to look and speak Korean. Know exactly where the enemies are. And turn himself into the perfect weapon to dispatch them.

An American journalist needs to be rescued in Syria?

Again, no problem.

This bionic soldier would look and speak the part of ISIS. And would have precisely the weapons needed to accomplish the objective.

It’s the same with these unusual DNA strands.

They don’t just catalog the viruses…

They create the “perfect soldier” to seek out and destroy them.

In short, whereas most genes create ordinary proteins…

These “viral fingerprints” create RNA… and special proteins instead…

In lay terms, it’s like they form a “genetic warrior” that can identify foreign invaders… remove their DNA… and render them harmless.

It’s not worth getting into the scientific “how” of this here…

I just wanted to show you what the “God Key” is and why everyone is so excited…

Because imagine what mankind could do with this…

A tool that could alter and even eliminate harmful pathogens and viruses at a genetic level…

We could use the “God Key” to seek out and destroy humanity’s deadliest genetic illnesses:

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and so on…

Imagine that

Living in a world in which cancer is no larger a threat than the common cold…

Or your family history of Parkinson’s is as irrelevant as polio…

Sounds crazy, I know. But I expect this will all happen in the next 5 to 10 years. Some of these promises could even come true in the next 12 months. And we will have the “God Key” to thank for it.

It’s not just a medical tool, either…

Securing the global energy
and food supply

It’s easy to see that the “God Key” will change the entire medical industry… but it’s actually far more than just a medical tool…

You see, I’ve yet to mention what the “God Key” can add to the agricultural space…

But its applications there may be even more developed than its role in biotech.

For instance, scientists are using the “God Key” to remove deadly diseases that affect crops and livestock.

They’re making certain crops resistant to weather changes and droughts…

And they’re finding ways to load fruits and vegetables with even more nutrients…

The global food industry, by the way, is an $8 trillion a year market. If the “God Key” can penetrate just 5% of it, we’re talking an additional $400 billion a year!

And that’s not counting the multitrillion-dollar energy industry…

Because the “God Key” has the potential to alter any living DNA, it can be used to manipulate the yeast that creates hydrocarbons – the basis of most of our fuel today…

Incredibly, that’s what scientists at the University of California-Riverside have been researching.

We believe they could ultimately be able to produce unlimited energy…

So we’d never have to rely on the Saudis for oil and gas again…

Or ever have to drill in the ground here in the States again.

“God Key” continues beating expectations

Now, these promises of unlimited energy and the eradication of disease won’t come true overnight.

But refinement and development of the “God Key” continues to progress at a blistering pace.

Originally, scientists said it would take another 10-20 years before this technology would be ready for field trials.

That was just a few years ago.

Field trials are already taking place…

And we should see the results of HUMAN TRIALS this year.

I’ll circle back to this important point about trials in just a moment.

But the point is, the “God Key” is accelerating faster than anyone can anticipate.

And I believe there’s a reason for this:

The scientific community sees the massive potential in the “God Key.” Never before have I personally seen a breakthrough with the potential to change the way our species experiences life on this planet.

All of America’s big academic institutions see this, too.

That’s why centers like MIT, Stanford, Duke, Harvard, and others are pouring energy and brainpower into developing the “God Key.”

Are you beginning to understand why Nobel Prize winner David Baltimore calls the “God Key” a “game changer” and a “monumental moment”?

In all my 20+ years in science and technology, I’ve never seen the academic community focus like this.

And the investment community are doing their part and pouring resources into funding these efforts.

Earlier, I mentioned how billionaire Bill Gates has taken a personal interest in the “God Key.”

He believes he can use it to cure malaria worldwide. Through the Gates foundation, he has invested $75 million in this technology.

And through a fund run by his old science adviser, Gates has invested an additional $120 million in a small company that I’m recommending to my subscribers.

I’ll tell you all about this small company in just a moment.

But first, I can’t stress this enough:

For truly life-changing gains, you can’t wait for 100% verifiable proof of concept. You can’t wait for the results of the trials, if you want to see the biggest returns.

Case in point: Zeltiq Aesthetics.

On April 14, 2014, its “fat sculpting” device won approval from the FDA.

That same day, shares closed at $17.80.

Today, they’re trading as high as $55.48. A company called Allergan agreed to buy Zeltiq.

Had you bought when the FDA gave Zeltiq approval and sold today, you could have pocketed 211%. A solid gain.

But had you taken a position just one year before the announcement, you could be sitting on a 1,581% gain instead.

On a $10,000 investment, that’s a $137,000 difference.

You could buy a 2017 Porsche Carrera with that extra money…

Or buy a rental property…

Or do any number of things.

But the point is you have to act early – before the herds pile in and drive up the price of these types of plays.

It’s going to be the same case with these “God Key” companies. Mark my words.

I’ll tell you about the companies I’ve found in just a moment.

But first… let me show you what researchers are ALREADY doing with “God Key” technology.

Keep in mind, the scientific community really only grasped the significance of this breakthrough three to four years ago….  

At Stanford University’s Medical School, for example, scientists have used the “God Key” to fix the gene that causes sickle cell disease – a genetic illness that affects 5 million people worldwide… and typically cuts life expectancy in half.

“What we’ve finally shown is that we can do it. It’s not just on the chalkboard,” said Dr. Matthew Porteus, senior author of the study.

In other words, they now know a cure is not only possible, but could be right around the corner, to a disease that has plagued mankind for thousands of years.

In fact, they’re in the process of petitioning the FDA for human trials.

That’s just one example of what’s possible with the “God Key”…

Here’s another:

A world without blindness…

255 million people worldwide are vision-impaired. 36 million are blind. And according to the Cleveland Clinic, 60% of blindness in infants is genetic.

But get this….

Researchers at Columbia University and the University of Iowa have collaborated to reverse the mutation that causes retinitis pigmentosa – an inherited eye disease that causes the retina to degrade and causes blindness in 1.5 million people.  

They took a stem cell from a patient with the disease… and applied their version of the “God Key”…

What was once a diseased cell is now healthy. Scientists could do that with every mutated cell… put them back in the patient, and restore sight…

At least in theory.

Right now, the “God Key” is still not approved for use on humans in the U.S.

But that is poised to change very soon. Quite possibly in December.

And if you’re an investor, you definitely want to be on the right side of that timeline…

This really is the most spectacular medical, technological, and investment story I have come across in my life…

I have run publicly traded, multinational technology companies…

I have studied at the London Business School… the Massachusetts Institute of Technology… Stanford…

Visited hundreds of companies…

I have seen it all…

But the “God Key” is truly exceptional. It feels like the start of the internet boom.

But instead of 200 garbage stocks…

There are just a handful of small companies.

And several of these are “pure plays” that will take the folks who invest today and turn them into millionaires…

Let’s take a look at the first one…

“God Key” Stock #1

This little gem has been on my radar since 2012.

I was tracking this company when the scientists in charge just had the seed of an idea in a lab – before the business entity even existed.

Many insiders believe the first company-sponsored “God Key” trial in humans will take place this year – and it will be this company.

And it will take place on one of the “easy” single-gene diseases I mentioned earlier – a rare type of blindness.

The company believes they can cure this disease – and prove the safety of the “God Key” in the process. They’ve already proven they can cure human cells in the lab.

Can you imagine what the media would do with a story like that?

A U.S. company cures human blindness???

Literally every single news station in the world would run that story.

And shares of this business will soar, as mainstream investors pile in.

And that’s just the first phase for this business…

They’re currently working on applying the “God Key” breakthrough to genetic and infectious diseases of the liver, a wide range of cancers, cystic fibrosis, and blood diseases.

They’re able to practically work on any gene and disease because of the intellectual rights they just secured to the underlying technology.

According to Wired magazine, this company – and another that I’ll tell you about – have a stranglehold on “God Key” patents.

Exclusive licenses aren’t rare in biotech, the magazine writes, but the scope of these “do stand out.” They cover 2 out of every 3 genes in the human genome.  

In the world of biotechnology, patents are king.

Biotech companies invest more money in research and development than any other industry.

One-half of every dollar in sales goes back into R&D.

That’s 3 times more than the pharmaceutical industry. And 8 times more than the chemical industry.

All these businesses have is their intellectual property.

They don’t typically develop drugs themselves.

They license their breakthroughs to producers and drug companies.

Take Anika Therapeutics. Since 2000, shares have risen 8,636%. But they haven’t sold a single drug.

They’ve licensed their tissue therapies to larger companies. To protect their revenue streams, they’ve collected 45 patents.

This first “God Key” company has a similar model. They’ve already – just in a few short years – nailed down 44 patents.

What’s more:

They’ve inked a deal with a strategic partner that could be worth nearly their entire value in the stock market today, if they hits certain milestones.

Plus, they’ve inked two other exclusive intellectual property deals with Massachusetts General Hospital and Duke University.

These are some of the reasons the world’s richest and most connected investors have quietly taken stakes in this small company.

I already mentioned Bill Gates…

Billionaire Vinod Khosla has taken a stake, as well, through one of his companies.

(Khosla was an early investor in Juniper Networks, which I helped run as president of its Japanese operating subsidiary, Juniper Networks Japan.)

So has Google…

And 9 other venture-backed groups.

You just don’t see this level of interest in a small company like this one…

Some of the world’s most powerful players are trying to get in as investors and partners very early on…

Because they know that if they wait, they’ll either miss out… or leave a ton of money on the table… or let their competitors get a leg up over them.

Perhaps these big investors remember what happened to Amgen — one of the pioneers in the biotech space…

And wish they could have gotten in early…

In 1991, one of Amgen’s blockbuster treatments – Neupogen received approval.

If you’d bought then and sold today, you’d be sitting on 1,779% gains.

That’s 68% a year for 26 years. $177,900 on a $10,000 investment.

That’s fantastic.

But had you taken the same stake in Amgen before those results came in…

When the company was more of a secret…

You would be sitting on $23,877,500 today.

That’s not a typo. A $23.7 million difference.

Even a hundred bucks invested back then would be worth $238,775 today.

That’s the power I see in this “God Key” company…

Actually, in all of them… You can unlock a fortune – but you have to get in before their next breakthrough is announced.

They are the Amgen’s, Celgene’s, and Biogen’s of the day.

That is why these big players like Bill Gates, Novartis, Duke University, and the others I’ve mentioned are getting in early...

Stunning, game-changing profits are at stake.

I’ve compiled everything you need to know about the “God Key”… and this upstart company I just mentioned, in a whitepaper called:

The “God Key”: The Most Revolutionary Biotechnology Since Antibiotics.

Inside, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this amazing breakthrough…

This is the most important paper I’ve ever published. Not only because these “God Key” companies have the potential to mint millionaires…

But also because this may be the single most important breakthrough of the 21st century.

Within the next few years, I believe we will see diseases once thought incurable eradicated by this technology.

Think about it…

No more cancer…

No more heart disease…

No more children dying of congenital diseases passed to them by chance through the genetic lottery…

No more diseased crops that lose nutritional value year after year…

No more energy dependency…

The possibilities are endless.  

And all of this could realistically happen in our lifetime.

Have you ever thought back on all the greatest technological and medical discoveries and wished that you’d known about them in advance?

The early days of the internet… the advent of biotechnology…

When certain small, innovative companies were minting millionaires…

Well, you can’t reclaim those missed moments…

But the time is perfect today to take advantage of another one of those major market “tipping points”.

The “God Key” is right where internet stocks were in 1996…

And where the biotech pioneers were in the mid-80s.

Earlier, I told you the total market opportunity for applications and therapies created from the “God Key” could exceed $1 trillion.

Today, the market is only worth $2.84 billion.

That’s a big difference from where the “God Key” market is today to where I think it could be in 5 to 10 years.

What could cause this market to surge more than 35,000%?

This is perhaps the most disruptive technology I’ve come across in my career.

The “God Key” has the potential to seize a good portion of the market share of a handful of major industries…

Within the next 5 years, I could see the “God Key” as the main driver of the biotech industry. By 2024, it’s projected to be a $775 billion industry according to Global Market Research Inc.

And it’s important not to forget about what the “God Key” can add to the agricultural space…

Its applications there are truly astounding.

Grabbing even a small piece of that $8 trillion industry could mean mind-boggling profits.

And that’s not counting the multitrillion-dollar energy industry… or anything else.

So you can see, it’s not a stretch at all to say the “God Key” market could hit a trillion dollars.

It’s not going to happen overnight.

But it can absolutely and realistically happen.

Inside my special briefing, you’ll learn about two more “God Key” companies that have tremendous potential. 

“God Key” Stock #2

This company recently received 2 patents on its proprietary technology for use in humans. In short, they’re engineering special white blood cell cancer therapies…

They are set to begin testing in humans this year for two related diseases. 

They must be doing something right. San Raffaele University and Novartis liked this company’s work so much they signed two separate multiyear licensing agreements with them.

This tiny “God Key” company also has major backers like Fidelity and Janus Capital ready to hand over nearly $700 million in cash as long as they hit their milestones.

To put that in perspective… That’s roughly the size of the entire company.

Imagine getting a cash infusion of that size…

It could double the value of the company, practically over night!

And that’s just one deal we’re talking about!

“God Key” Stock #3

This company has some great partnerships lined up… but it’s taking a slightly different, though potentially very lucrative, approach to the “God Key.”

One of its backers is pharma giant Bayer AG.

What’s interesting about this collaboration is that a large portion of the focus will be on the agriculture sector.

Just three companies hold nearly all the patents on the “God Key”…

But this is the only one I’ve seen putting a special effort into agriculture.

This puts them in a unique position to profit.

Their goal is to make plants and animals stronger, healthier, and more nutrient dense without adding any foreign organisms to them.

Like I said before, getting a chunk of the $8 trillion agriculture pie could quite possibly triple the value a small company like this overnight.

But that’s not all...

They also teamed up with the University of Florida to develop a cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease…

And they teamed up with a Harvard-affiliated hospital to develop groundbreaking cancer therapies made possible by the “God Key.”

While it may be years before full-fledged cures to these diseases become reality…

This is the first time in modern medicine that the end of many of mankind’s most terrifying diseases seems like a real possibility.

Hundreds of companies have been hard at work trying to cure mankind of disease for decades… but they’ve been throwing darts in the dark.

This is a real opportunity for you to take a little bit of money and stake a claim on what I believe will be the most lucrative breakthrough of the 21st century….

Three companies on the verge
of global domination

If you took the combined market value of these 3 “God-key” stocks...

You’d still have just one small-cap stock – worth less than $3 billion.

That’s how small these stocks still are.

And yet, the potential cash they have lined up in deals is equal to a large-cap company – roughly $10 billion.  

This is because no one can use this incredible new technology without first getting permission from these three companies…

And paying them a lot of money, too.

You see, to stay relevant, major pharma players need to use the “God Key”…

And to use the “God Key” they have to pay for it.

This fact puts these three tiny companies in a very powerful position.

Imagine, if you will, three companies each currently valued below $1 billion…

That have complete control of patents so valuable it’s nearly impossible to fix a price tag on them… 

And the numbers I just mentioned…

That’s just money they have in the pipeline, right now. Imagine how much money will flow their way when just one of these companies gets FDA approval on a “God Key” cure…

When just one of these companies makes a big, public breakthrough… (and I assure you, it’s a matter of when, not if) gains of 15,000%... 20,000%... 35,000%... are a real possibility – as you’ve seen from previous historical examples – over time.

Now, we can’t guarantee gains this high, and past performance doesn’t guarantee future success. We must remind you that this sector of the market is volatile, and the market caps of these stocks are low, so please follow our recommended buy-up-to prices and do not chase them.

But that’s also what gives these companies such huge upside potential.

Remember, the key here is getting in before the major breakthrough happens!

Just like with the Amgen example I gave you… getting in before the big news broke meant the difference between turning $10,000 into $178,000 and turning it into $23.8 million.

That’s why you must read my FREE report, The “God Key”: The Most Revolutionary Biotechnology Since Antibiotics, today.

In it, I detail everything you need to know about all three of these trailblazing companies:

But before I show you how to claim your copy… you should know…

An opportunity this big always
has a catch

It will come as no surprise that all three of these stocks are small and thinly traded…

(The best opportunities come from the stocks that haven’t hit it big yet.)

They are mostly owned by insiders and institutions just waiting for the right catalyst to explode the stock price higher.

And that catalyst could literally come any time now.

Remember, trials are in the works.

It won’t be long before one of these companies announces that it can eradicate Hepatitis...

Cure congenital blindness...

Or put an end to any number of other diseases or genetic disorders.

You see, quick, large-scale buying of these stocks can cause a massive cascade effect...

All that new buying can make people believe that the breakthrough has occurred...

Professional traders on the sidelines then pile in, pushing the stock way too high, way too fast.

Then, when they discover it was a false signal…

They sell, and the stock comes crashing down in a painful overcorrection.

All for reasons that have nothing to do with the stock itself.

This could be the trade of a lifetime.

I don’t want anything to go wrong because of some technicality.

Unfortunately, there’s only one way for me to protect my subscribers…

And that’s by keeping this offer open for only 5 days.  

Because there’s so much money on the line with these disruptive, game-changing stocks… I also have to make an unusual request.

I’ll need to ask that you sign a confidentiality agreement simply saying you agree to not share these trade recommendations with anybody outside immediate family.

That may sound drastic, but there’s a lot of money to be made, and it’s the only way I can try to keep this fair for everyone.

Everything you need to know to profit will be inside my new report, The “God Key”: The Most Revolutionary Biotechnology Since Antibiotics.

And the first people who respond will get this report for FREE.

All I ask is that you take a risk-free trial to my Exponential Tech Investor research service.

Introducing Exponential Tech Investor

Exponential Tech Investor has only one goal…

To find and recommend the most explosive small-cap stocks in the world of high technology.

In this service, I’m only looking for opportunities that can hand you triple-digit gains in the next 6-12 months… and then turn into 1,000% winners or more over the next few years.

You will find very few people more qualified to bring you investment opportunities like these than me.

I live and breathe high technology.

My degree is in aeronautical and astronautical engineering…

I’m one of the top 50 angel investors in Silicon Valley…

I’ve been involved in 89 private deals.  

And while on average 9 out of every 10 startup companies fails, I’ve had only two of those investments close down… and I received 60% back on my original investment on one of those…

I’m not simply telling you this to brag… but to give you an idea of just how involved I am in the world of high tech.

Look, the short of it is, I’ve been growing businesses as an operating executive and helping people invest their money for more than 20 years.

I know what to look for in technology companies, and I know what causes enterprises and customers to buy technology products and services…

And that’s important...

But reading financial statements and being able to value a potential stock isn’t enough to catch the biggest winners in this industry…

I do everything possible to keep you profiting from the cutting edge of technology…

I keep plugged in to the center of the high-tech universe...

And I’ve been deeply involved in the tech sector for nearly three decades…

I lived in Japan and then Silicon Valley for many years…

(These are the world’s two richest hotbeds for technological innovation.)

I’ve personally steered Fortune 500 tech companies to huge success…

I spend countless hours traveling and attending the most exclusive technology and science conferences on the planet... on average, more than 50 a year…

I spend more than $10,000 per month on research to bring you the absolute best profit opportunities.

I don’t know anyone else who goes to such lengths to make sure they find the very best recommendations.

There is no shortcut to finding you the biggest profit opportunities in the world.

That’s just what it takes to win in this type of competitive environment.

10,000 reasons to get in now

I believe these special situation stocks have the potential to soar 10,000%, 15,000%, or even higher over time.

I really can’t stress enough the difference it can make getting into them early.

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Plus, I also want to send you another breakthrough report that is the result of more than two decades of tracking private companies from inception to IPO.

Special Report #1: The Venture Elite Hotlist: 19 Exponential Tech Companies That Could IPO in the Next 18-24 Months. 

This is a list of 19 private companies that are making extraordinary advances in the tech sector…

And I think they’ll go public in the coming 18-24 months.

With this special report, you can be ready to pounce the moment these companies IPO. 

Getting in on great companies at their inception makes a world of difference…

It gives you the same advantage as investors who rode Netflix for 50,000% gains through the 2000s… turning every $10,000 investment in to $5 million…

Or like investors who got in early on Dell earning 55,000%, turning a $10,000 investment into $5.5 million…

Or investors who were lucky enough to catch the full 127,000% gain in Biogen, turning that same $10,000 investment into an unbelievable $12.7 million!

In this report, you’ll see my full list of the very best companies getting ready to IPO.

For example, one company I’ve been tracking plans to change the way the world uses augmented reality and virtual reality.

They’ve already raised $1.4 billion in private funding from major players like JPMorgan, Google, Warner Brothers, and Alibaba, among others.

I expect them to go public in the next 3-6 months. This company has very real potential to deliver 20-fold returns over time…

This isn’t the place to get into full details on the incredible profits this company – and several others in this report – can potentially hand you…

But this special report will discuss them in detail and prepare you to act the moment these company goes public.

Special Report #2: The Apple Effect: How to Make Huge Gains Piggybacking on Apple’s Success.

As you know, Apple controls a massive share of the smartphone industry…

They’re famous for pioneering new technologies and for taking existing technology and making it better than anyone else.

But they can’t do everything on their own.

Sometimes, Apple has to use outside companies to develop and create that special tech hidden in their new phones.  

This can be a huge boon for companies that get some of Apple’s business.

Look at Texas Instruments.

They’ve been public since the 1970s, but didn’t really take off until they started making several of Apple’s components in 2009.

It went from just over $14 in 2009 to nearly $100 today…

And I’m certain Apple’s business had a lot to do with that.

I believe I’ve found another company that is now in a similar position.

They make the brand-new 3-D sensing facial recognition technology debuting on Apple’s new iPhone lineup.

This innovative technology is tearing through the tech world.

Phone makers like Samsung, LG, and Sony all want in on this hot new tech.

This is a dream come true for the small startup that makes these special 3-D sensors.

Of course, Apple takes extreme measures to keep the little companies it contracts secret…

But in my extensive research, I’ve found this special little company…

And I think it could easily triple your investment capital as the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X sell in record numbers.

Plus, as this technology gets adopted by all the major smartphone makers, it will do even better...

This tiny company has the potential triple your money… or more… as demand ramps up for their unique product.

Special Report #3: Cryptocurrencies 101: What’s the Big Deal With Bitcoin?

You can’t turn left without hearing about cryptocurrencies these days… and for good reason…

Even little-known coins, like Antshares, have handed investors returns up to 45,000%... turning $1,000 into $450,000…

Ethereum has risen as much as 91,681%, turning every $1,000 into nearly $1 million…

And Bitcoin, has risen nearly 100 million percent since 2009…

Had you invested $1 then, it would be worth nearly $1 MILLION TODAY! $1,000 then would be nearly $1 billion today!

Granted, most people didn’t get into Bitcoin at its lowest price, but many people have become multimillionaires by owning this cryptocurrency.

Even colleagues of mine who were skeptical at first decided to buy in a little over two years ago and are now sitting on life-changing gains.

But for people who are new to the idea of cryptocurrencies, getting involved can be a bit intimidating.

This report gives you a thorough explanation of what cryptocurrencies are and how they work.

It also lays out step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to get started.

Cryptocurrencies are a new form of technology, but they’re here to stay.

If you’re as passionate about tech as I am, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

You’ll receive instant access to all of the reports I’ve mentioned when you try a no-risk trial subscription to Exponential Tech Investor. Let me show you how to get started….

What does it take to get started?
the answer might surprise you

Now, you might be thinking: This service must cost a fortune.

After all, the potential for massive gains is enormous, and the few other analysts out there who do work of this caliber charge hedge funds and investment banks over $30,000 a MONTH.

(An entry-level tech analyst at a small hedge fund will charge $28,000 a month.)

But I’m not trying to share my work with hedge funds or investment banks… I’m sharing it with you…

And I won’t charge you anything near that amount.

No, I charge a small fraction of that, just $3,000 a year.

Now, I know that’s not necessarily cheap, but this is my best research… research meant for people interested in the very best tech speculations available.

If that seems too expensive, this service is probably not right for you…

It’s best suited for the type of person who has some “play money” set aside, and understands the value of quality research.

Remember, as I told you earlier about these “God Key” companies, there is risk involved.

But that’s a good thing!

If there weren’t, we wouldn’t be sitting on the opportunity we now have to possibly multiply a small stake 20, 30, or even 50 times.

Heck, if just one of these companies to rises only 10-fold…

That would turn a $3,000 stake into $30,000.

A 15-fold rise would return $45,000…

And if all three spike that much over time, which is a definite probability…

Then you’re looking at six figures or more in potential profit, depending on how much you invest.

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Save $3,500 Immediately

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You Must Act Soon

In the next five years, the “God Key” will produce life-changing breakthroughs in healthcare, biotech, and agriculture.  

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Jeff Brown
Chief Technology Analyst, Bonner & Partners
November 2017

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