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Packed with 36,000 people…

The baseball stadium went deathly quiet.

A true story:

The Baltimore Orioles had just beat the Red Sox in ten nail-biting baseball innings.

But there were no joyful cheers that day.

Instead of high-fives, fans exchanged worried glances. Instead of filing toward the exits, they remained frozen in their seats.

The stadium loudspeakers sounded again: “Ladies and gentleman, due to an ongoing public safety issue, the mayor of Baltimore and the BCPD have asked all fans to remain inside the ballpark until further notice.”

Then silence... Except for a distant white noise...

…the sound of an enraged mob tearing through stores, police, and bystanders…just outside the stadium walls.

Something had gone terribly wrong in the city that night…

By that time, the cell networks had started to go down.

A few blocks north of the city, a young woman tried and failed to get through to her family. Eight months pregnant with her first child, she and her husband were prisoners in her own home as rioters ransacked the neighborhood.

They were smart to stay put. On the next street over, a man named Bob – returning home to his family – was nearly caught alone in the street by the angry mob…He was beginning to realize just how much trouble he was in, when miraculously a kind stranger opened a doorway and pulled him in to safety.

Bob was lucky. Many others were not.

This is America today.

What happened that night in Baltimore is just a small taste of what’s already happening in our cities and small towns…and what’s to come.

I know what I’ve just told you may seem sensational…exaggerated. It’s not.

That pregnant girl trapped in her home was my daughter.

That man Bob, running for his life only to be pulled to safety, was one of my employees.

You see, I’m the founder of the largest underground news and research network in America, informally known as The Agora.

And the facts I’m about to tell you may seem incredible. They are all true.

Right now, America is on the verge of a breakdown

In New York City, a man wearing a red Make America Great Again hat was choked on the subway as fellow passengers did nothing to help.

In Chicago, a 50-year-old man was dragged from his car and beaten. Instead of helping, onlookers accused him of voting for the wrong political candidate.

In Washington, a young woman who showed up to support the new president had her hair set on fire by “black bloc” radical leftist protestors.

In Berkeley, California, a Patriots Day rally turned into a battle for the streets between black-clad anarchists and a right-wing militia group.

Now, we’ve had unrest before in this country. Many times.

During Holy Week 1968, the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., set off riots across the country.

In 1991, the Rodney King riots resulted in 1 billion dollars’ worth of damage, 50 deaths, and a vicious attack on an innocent truck driver.

But this is different. There is an anger brewing here. One I have never seen in my lifetime.

We have protestors caught on camera saying: “people have to die”…

Meanwhile, protected elites like Maxine Waters and Chelsea Clinton, safe in their million-dollar homes, egg the crowds on…

As of writing this, I count at least seven mass political actions scheduled in the next few months alone. Which of these will explode into a riot, I don’t know. Hopefully none will.

But a recent conversation among members of an extreme resistance group on the social media site Reddit shows an alarming trend…

Here’s a sampling of what they said:

Is it any wonder then, that these same groups are setting universities on fire, while students who refuse to go along with the crowd are threatened with violence?

And it’s not just happening in “dangerous” cities like Baltimore and Chicago.

Violent crime is now rising in places like Denver, Salt Lake City, and Louisville.

In the small town of Tiburon, California, a 74-year-old conservative radio host and his 12-year-old dog were assaulted and knocked to the ground while out grabbing a bite to eat.

In Ohio, another 74-year-old man was murdered live on Facebook, as he walked home from Easter lunch.

As the magazine Foreign Policy recently explained:

“There appears to be…a sense that these are not just scattered outbursts, that all this is escalating somewhere.”

What it’s all escalating to…the magazine’s editors aren’t so sure.

But I think I know. In fact, I’ve seen this happen before (I’ll explain in just a moment…)

And while these events are commonly dismissed as a reaction to racism, or the police, or Donald Trump, or immigration…according to the evidence in front of me, I don’t think that’s the whole story.

In this letter, I’m going to tell you what’s really causing this unrest…

…and why it’s leading to a disturbing conclusion…sooner than anyone expected.

Don’t Wait for the 6 O’clock News to Tell You What’s Going On

How many times did the 6 o’clock news warn you that housing prices would collapse? Never, as far as I can remember.

How many times did the “experts” admit that Trump had an excellent chance of winning the 2016 election? Never. They were giving Hillary a 98% chance of winning right up until election night.

CNN is running headlines like “Is Trump Afraid of Stairs?” while innocent people in places like Philadelphia are being attacked in the street by flash mobs organized on social media.

(The city has already had 4 this year, with one last March that resulted in bystanders allegedly being maced, tazed, and beaten.)

And don’t count on social media, either.

You see, the purpose of Facebook is to get you to click on links and buy products. It has no interest in presenting its users with information that might upset or contradict them.

That’s why many people thought it was impossible that Trump could win. They were surrounded on social media by friends and family who all lived in the same cities and thought the same way.

They had no idea what was happening in America’s heartland.

And the same is true today.

Luckily, I have my own sources…

Underground Sources Paint a Very Different Picture of America

As I said before, I am the founder of the largest underground news and research network in America.

I founded it back in 1978 in partnership with an Oxford scholar and the former head of the BBC.

With 2.7 million subscribers across all of our groups, we may be the biggest research network in the country you’ve never heard of.

That’s because, although we’ve been in business for 39 years, we don’t own a cable channel or a single newspaper. We don’t buy ads in splashy magazines. We don’t sponsor sports stadiums or anything like that.

If we have grown to become the largest group of our kind in America (and probably the world), it is solely because we dare to go places no one else will.

It was us… back in 1993… who exposed a growing threat from radical Islamic terrorism.

We wrote back then, “Especially troubling for many in the West will be the rise of Islam… This could be the biggest threat to world peace in the next two decades… the bomb at New York’s World Trade Center [is] just a small taste of what’s to come…”

Eight years later, the September 11 attacks hit the World Trade Center again.

Years later, we dared to point out that something was seriously wrong with the housing boom. In fact, as early as March 2005, we warned of a coming collapse.

We reported: “Something is smoldering in the mortgage-lending market, and the heart of fire is on the balance sheet of Freddie Mac (FRE) and Fannie Mae (FNM).”

Just this past year, while the Huffington Post was giving Hillary a 98% chance of winning the election, we were one of the few dissenting voices…predicting Donald Trump would win the presidency as early as April 2016.

Our success has allowed us to attract experts of all fields…from all over the world…We’ve worked with people like Quantum Fund co-founder Jim Rogers, former Congressman Ron Paul, Reagan budget advisor David Stockman, former CIA Director Bill Colby (who mysteriously died while working for us), and many more…

Even the government has acknowledged our work.

After 9/11, the CIA requested copies of a note I had sent subscribers warning about trouble ahead for America…

And years before that, the CIA actually tried to convince me to use my network as a front for its international operations…

(In case you were wondering, I said no…)

Yet we continue to operate very privately – and we only share our research and news directly with our private subscribers.

But today I’m going to make an important exception to that.

Because I think it’s vital that every American know the truth about what’s going on and who is behind it…

The Most Daring Breakthrough in Our History

Shortly after the riots tore apart Baltimore, I began examining America more closely…

I saw nearly half the population paying no taxes and dependent on aid from the federal government,

I saw more Americans are dying of drug overdoses than ever before and suicides just hit a 30-year high.

I saw a majority Americans favoring wealth redistribution and higher taxes…which is probably why a Congress full of Republicans is unwilling to guard the rest of us against these things.

And I saw the increasingly vocal and even violent opposition to traditional American values in our streets.

I studied these trends every day. I exchanged emails with experts around the globe.

And I kept a close watch over what analysts within my network were reporting, including former bankers, surgeons, senators, mathematicians, scholars, historians, even former CIA contractors.

I traveled from London to Paris to Beijing to Buenos Aires.

I even assembled a group of minds from as nearby as D.C. and as far away as Hong Kong to meet me at my offices in Baltimore. They included former head of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan, who joined us for a “most unusual conversation” (his words). He agreed that crisis was indeed on the horizon.

A meeting with Greenspan (center), myself (left from center), and other experts at my office

In the end, what I found may surprise you.

When I first began to piece together all the data I had, people were shocked. I was invited on radio and television. A short video detailing the early stages of my research got more than 2 million views.

Being interviewed in Washington

In fact, when I released some of my early findings, people paid as much as $300 to get a look.

Finally, just a few months ago, I decided to put everything I had…including a full briefing (all the data)…a step-by-step account of what comes next….and hundreds of pages of ways to protect your money, your health, your family, and your retirement…into a one book.

Unlike my other New York Times best-sellers (Empire of Debt, Financial Reckoning Day, Mobs, Markets and Messiahs), I have no plans on making this book available in stores or anywhere else online. It is solely for private use. Not for mass entertainment.

However, I do have a hardcover, first-run copy of this book set aside for the few people who take the time to read this letter. That includes you.

In fact, I’ll even offer you a free digital edition you can access immediately at the end of this letter.

But we’ll get to all that in a moment.

First, I need to tell you what I found as I studied this problem.

And the coming change to America it will cause.

I’ll also detail how my richest friends and I are already prepared. What worked. What didn’t.

And what you should do as well.

The Truth About America No One Wants to Tell You

The source of unrest today is not the free market, race, the 1%, or President Trump.

It is not due to a lack of money or some rich guy having too much money.

I’m talking about something far more fundamental.

…something that explains why:

You see, around 40 years ago, a change was made to America’s money system…

This change set in motion a sequence of events that is still unfolding today…

…one that I believe is already reaching a sudden and devastating conclusion for this country.

It might seem strange to you that a problem with our money could cause violence…

And yet, the role of money in our society is far more important than you think.

The founding fathers knew this very well. In Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution, they were very specific about what kinds of money the states could mint.

As John Adams said at the Constitutional Convention of 1787:

All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise not from defects in the Constitution or Confederation, not from a want of honor or virtue so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.”

The Founders knew that when money is manipulated…and shown to be unreliable…

…that trust breaks down. And with it tradition and cultural values.

We see the evidence for this all throughout history…even here in America…

In 1971, after inheriting a financial mess from Lyndon Johnson, President Nixon is forced to kill the old gold-backed dollar.

No longer backed by anything, the dollar starts losing value very quickly. People wake up to see their savings suddenly won’t last them as long as they had thought. Prices begin to soar.

The government tries price controls. Factories go silent due to strikes.

Protests in Philadelphia turn to riots. People wait for hours in gas lines out of fear that that there won’t be any the following week.

One woman recalls: “Everyone was on edge, trying to save a buck and alert to anyone else trying to cut a corner.”

As a teenager, she was swarmed by an angry mob one day at the gas station where she worked.

“It was like that Twilight Zone episode in which aliens turn off a town’s electricity, street by street, and eventually the confused and angry neighbors turn on each other. Several men barricaded the door to protect me, while a growing crowd milled around outside.”

Nowadays, people remember bits and pieces of what caused so much disruption. They remember the inflation. The high gas prices. The infamous “malaise.”

But most have forgotten what really lay at the root of that crisis...that it began with a breakdown in our money…

As one German philosopher from the late 1800s put it: “Is not money the bond of all bonds? Can it not dissolve and bind all ties?”

A few decades later, his fellow Germans would find out first hand…

The year is 1922 and citizens of the newly formed first German republic have noticed something strange. Prices have doubled in the previous five months.

Protests spiral into violence. The public is divided among radical political factions. Citizens wear small symbols on their clothing to identify friends from foes.

“A ‘normal’ political atmosphere, in which arguments could have been exchanged with a certain calm, no longer existed,” as one author later wrote.

While the media downplays the unrest as “no reason for special concern,” small towns are terrorized by “red gangs” and cities are torn by riots.

The young attack the old and steal what they want. Women are forced into prostitution. Mass shootings become common place.

Another writer, Kurt Kersten, recorded the downfall as it happened:

“German culture, as much as it existed, is perishing… The middle class is worn out... one has only two choices: either slowly perish or join the [leftwing] revolutionary party.”

Is that so far from what’s beginning to happen in America today?

A website by the anarchist group “black bloc” (the same ones who smashed windows, threw Molotov cocktails at police, and set Berkeley on fire) asks for donations to “send reports to uprisings and rebellions in so-called North America.”

Another “resistance movement” lists 5,983 local cells spread across the country – and they’re not just confined to the coasts, either, as you can see…

The red dots are for upcoming “actions”, the blue dots are locations of the cells

Meanwhile, young kids are putting police officers in the hospital.

People are broadcasting racist attacks and murders live on Facebook.

And here’s the thing…

I think what we’re seeing here is merely Act One

I call the book When the ATMs Go Dark as a nod to what comes next…

You see, if I’m right about this…if I’m interpreting the facts correctly…

Then what comes next will involve a widespread monetary shut down.

Cash will become impossible to find…ATMs will go dark…

Pension and Social Security checks will stack up on your kitchen table uncashed…with no one willing to deposit or accept them…

Stores and gas stations will close rather than part with what they’ve got…and even if they agree to sell you something, it will be using cash or barter…

Stock prices will swing wildly as investors find themselves unable to sell…even unable to access their accounts…

Maybe that all sounds far-fetched. But that’s exactly how Federal Reserve President Neel Kashkari has described this type of crisis: “Literally, your ATM wouldn’t work. You type in your code, no money comes out. You get your paycheck, you can’t cash it.”

And listen, don’t take my word for it. I hope I’m wrong. I really do.

But that’s why I’m holding a copy of When the ATMS Go Dark in reserve for you. Just look at the facts for yourself. Tell me I’m wrong.

And if you’re imagining complex charts…data tables…and things that look like bank statements…do NOT worry!

That’s NOT AT ALL what I have in mind.

When you receive your copy, I want you tear open the package, take this 220-page hardcover book in your hands, and feel the weight of it.

When you crack open its pages for the first time, you’ll discover some shocking facts about this country and our economy…

Things like…

And that’s just in the first few pages. You’ll also discover over one hundred pages of ideas you can use to protect yourself…

Things like…

This is no cheap “survival” kit. It’s a 220-page field guide to coping with a coming change to our way of life.

And again, I realize it must seem crazy that something as boring as “money” could cause big, rapid changes to our way of life.

Yet, it happens all the time.

How This Same Threat Destroyed One of America’s Greatest Rivals

My network, The Agora, is now represented across six continents and six languages.

That’s how I wound up in Argentina…on the eve of the one of the biggest financial and social collapses of our time.

Today, most people think of Argentina as a poor country…

What they don’t know is that before America became the only superpower on the planet, Argentina was not only one of her main competitors…Argentina was actually growing faster!

The country was a lot like the U.S., with similar resources, a similar population…and a similar spirit of free enterprise and liberty…

Buenos Aires, its capital, was settled by immigrants from Ireland, Italy, and Germany…It combined the rich agriculture and industry of Chicago with the boulevards, parks, and buildings of Paris.

But walking down the streets today you’ll see decaying subway trains – state of the art many years ago… big beautiful buildings covered in graffiti… windows broken…old cars – top of the line in their day – sitting junked by the side of the road…

It’s as if a war had broken out…

Except that it wasn’t war at all. It was Argentina’s money that collapsed.

I had actually suspected this would happen. Before the crisis, I had met with the president at the time, Carlos Menem. I had asked him, point blank, about a problem with Argentina’s currency.

He gave me an evasive answer. But after a decade working in Washington, I knew better than to trust the words of an elected official.

Not much later, the government ordered every bank in the country closed. Cash disappeared as ATMs ran dry. The slums rose up to ransack stores in search of food.

Menem’s successor wound up fleeing the capital in a helicopter. Buenos Aires, formerly called the “Paris of the South,” was torn apart by riots leaving 22 people dead.

The Story No One Dares to Tell

…and why this message will almost certainly be banned

As I said earlier, my network owes its success to pushing into areas no else dares go…

But, as you might expect, that doesn’t always make us popular. Not long ago, our office in Switzerland was set on fire, after publishing reports skeptical of certain modern medical practices.

In Brazil, the president (who has since been impeached) demanded Google “de-list” our material from the internet.

Even here in the U.S., certain news outlets – which I will not name – have even gone so far as to ban our content.

I have no doubt that will happen again this time.

Nor can I guarantee you will come across this message again.

And look, I’m not saying you’ll wake up tomorrow and suddenly America will no longer be the land of the free…

Or that tonight someone will try to kick down your door looking for cash and valuables…

But what I am saying is that when this does start…things will go bad very quickly…

And if you give in to a false sense that big changes can’t happen here…you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Of course, I completely understand why some people would think that.

When we predicted that the housing market would collapse in the late 2000s, skeptics like us were widely mocked and dismissed.

At the time, New York Magazine wrote: “Housing bubble? What housing bubble? The signs are in place for a further run-up in real estate. Breathe easy mortgage holders.”

Undeterred, we warned: “Something is smoldering in the mortgage-lending market, and the heart of fire is on the balance sheet of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.”

A column in The Wall Street Journal countered: “These [idiots] expect a housing collapse to take down the U.S. economy. But excessive pessimism is unwarranted: fears of a housing bubble are overblown.”

What happened next was the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

You see, when you challenge a commonly held belief, people often refuse to listen.

And as I said before, this is natural.

Lawyers call this “willful blindness”… psychologists call it the “normalcy bias”

We have to believe that things will go on much as they have before…otherwise, we don’t plant food…or buy houses…or start businesses…or do much of anything.

The problem, though, is that this causes us to be underprepared when REALLY BIG CHANGES are about to strike…

That’s why, while I was warning our subscribers about the dot-com bubble, plenty of people thought it would never end…

An article published by the Atlantic read, “Stock prices could double, triple, or even quadruple tomorrow and still not be too high.”

Then suddenly, the Nasdaq started falling… and eventually wiped out 77% of its value…

Today, I’m seeing the same “willful blindness” here in America

But some people are preparing. In fact, my richest and smartest friends already have safeguards in place.

…a real estate mogul I’ve known since the ’70s recently built an isolated retreat for himself and his friends in Northern Argentina…

It’s kind of like “Galt’s Gulch” from Atlas Shrugged (my friend even had renowned designer Bob Cupp build a golf course there).

Here’s the clubhouse (sorry I can’t reveal its name or location)

…one of my business partners – CEO of America’s leading financial research firm – has warned his private customers to prepare for massive corporate bond defaults in the days ahead…

In fact, he has also amassed huge stores of gold and silver, bought a 100-acre farm outside of the city...and even hired a private doctor so he won’t have to rely on our failing health care system…

…Another friend, a former advisor to Reagan (who now works for me), is also telling me he believes a crisis is on its way…and he has been preparing trades that will make huge profits as the situation further deteriorates.

And as for me? Well, I’ll admit that what I’ve done is not necessarily what I’d recommend anyone else do…

I’m currently writing this from a mountain cattle ranch, about the size of Rhode Island…

9,247 feet above sea level…

And a six-hour trek from the nearest city…

My laptop is running on solar power…and when the satellite I use to access the Internet comes up over the mountain, I’ll send this out to my offices back in Baltimore…

It sounds extreme, I know… and maybe I am a little eccentric.

But I learned a long time ago that you can’t just follow the crowd...you have to think for yourself…

And, I don’t live here full time.

But it’s nice to know that I have a safe haven somewhere… especially as my six kids get older and move far away. I like knowing that they have a place to take shelter should the worst happen.

We grow our own vegetables here…keep our own livestock…in fact, here at the ranch, I even have a vineyard so I can drink my own wine…

Meanwhile, to keep my money safe, I recommend that everyone have a stash of gold somewhere…

And besides that, I personally keep my investments diversified in foreign currencies and foreign businesses…

But I wouldn’t recommend you take the same actions I’ve taken…

Maintaining international properties when you’re not around to fix things is very expensive…

And I have an army of consultants, lawyers, advisers, and friends around the world to make the connections and the investments I need to pull this off…

All in all, I’ve probably spent somewhere north of $10 million to put everything in place I have today…

But you can profit from what I’ve learned. Here’s how…

My book aims to help you
gain the same advantages I have

All for no more than the cost of your internet bill.

You’ll find pages of unexpected ways you can protect yourself, including:

But if you want to you get started fast…and be ready for whatever comes…then let me send you a hardcover copy of When the ATMs Go Dark right away.

There may come a time your friends and family give thanks that you had the foresight to secure a copy.

Especially because, right now, we only have a few thousand of these books remaining…and I expect somewhere between 1,000 to 2,000 people will see this letter today.

Here’s what you need to do so I can dispatch your book immediately

Now, I’ve seen used copies of my books going for $86.

And if I had any hope of breaking even on this project, I’d probably have to charge at least $120 – or about the cost of college text book.

As I mentioned earlier, when I published an early partial draft of these findings, people paid as much as $300 to see it.

However, I have asked my team to not charge more than for $19 for your hardcover, first edition copy. (Shipping is on us.)

My team of researchers, analysts, and editors put in a lot of hard work to get this out. So I hope you find that a fair deal.

When you see the quality of this book, I think you’ll agree that they deserve some compensation.

Just read on to see my offer, fill in your details on the next page, and I’ll dispatch your copy immediately.

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But First, Make Sure Your Online Privacy Is Being Safeguarded

Today it has never been more crucial to preserve your privacy online. Just look at recent events:

We take safety, security, and personal information very seriously at my company.

In that spirit, I’m going to give you a privacy briefing – FREE of charge – prepared by my staff.

Here’s the deal: I want you to read this guide before you read anything else you receive today. Fair enough? Great…and here’s another briefing you’ll get FREE with your copy of When the ATMs Go Dark

How to Go “Off the Grid”
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In this briefing, my team will fill you in on how to secure an isolated homestead of your own.

At 9,000 feet above sea level on my isolated mountain ranch (those are cattle in the background)

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You’ll also discover what you can do to gain all the advantages of having your own “off the grid” haven without ever leaving the neighborhood and friends you know so well…

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A Benefit I Haven’t Told You About Yet…

I’d also like to offer you a passport into my world…and my network…through a highly specialized “club” called Bonner & Partners.

To join, private members sign up for a monthly research service called The Bill Bonner Letter.

It’s a service for people who want more than what they see on cable TV…who want ideas that are NOT governed by political correctness…

It’s for people who know the truth is out there… and just need a way to tap into it.

And here’s what some of our members have had to say:

Fred M. writes:

All I can say is The Bill Bonner Letter isn't simply a breath of fresh air. It's a full-blown gale of it.

…Mark T. writes:

Personally, I’ve traveled around the world and had my own business…Bill’s knowledge and honest approach to just about everything he writes is mind-boggling. I’ve been a subscriber to his newsletters for about two years and am consistently amazed at the depth of his knowledge…

…Catlin L. writes:

Bill, I can’t tell you how much I have learned and prepared myself and family with your writings…I worry less knowing there are things I can do to be proactive with the concerns our economic future holds. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expanding my horizons!

…Jarred L. writes:

Through the many years that I’ve read your columns I have laughed, almost cried, been angry and insulted, questioned your sanity, admired your intellect and courage, and poured a drink early in the day just to get through some of your articles. Most importantly, I have learned. Thank you for all of it and keep it coming!!

…and Chris F. writes:

This information was really eye-opening. Will help me make some serious adjustments to my lifestyle and future plans.

Our private members pay as much as $199 for a full year’s membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Here’s the thing about “flashpoints”: They make for great plot twists in Hollywood blockbusters…

…But in the real world, major events like this rarely have “big triggers” or “flashpoints”…

For example, the Arab Spring – a revolution that toppled four governments, sparked civil wars, and led to mass protests and riots in at least 12 other countries – began when a fruit vendor set himself on fire…

When the right set of conditions are all aligned – as they are right now in the U.S. – it doesn’t take a big event to set off a historic implosion…

It’s almost always something small…unexpected…

Think about World War I…in which millions of Germans, British, and Americans died in trenches in France…It started with a shooting more than 1,000 miles away…by a Bosnian.

And if you’re aware of what’s going on in America today…

If you’ve seen the unrest in our cities…

If you’ve noticed that something’s not quite right with our economy…

Then I don’t think it will take much to set off an irreversible breakdown in our way of life…

In 1978, I founded a small publishing company called Agora, Inc.

We have since evolved into a large, multinational network of independent research groups informally referred to as The Agora. Just a few years ago, I assembled some of the top talent in The Agora to focus almost exclusively on this growing situation.

I called this new highly specialized research group Bonner & Partners. Our dedicated analysis, editorial, and member services teams are staffed by people we handpick because of their intelligence, their creativity, and their trustworthiness. We stand by our work, which is why I feel comfortable sharing so much of it with you for just $19…even though you are completely free to cancel at any time during your 30-day trial.

You will not pay anything more than what you’ve selected on the order form. (Plus sales tax if required. Shipping is free.)

Additionally, like many subscription-based services – including The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, and more – we use automatic renewal. At the end of your 30-day trial we will auto-renew you at $129 (refundable) – instead of our usual $199. That’s a $70 credit, as a thank you for giving it a try. If you don’t wish to be renewed, just let us know. We will, of course, notify you before charging you. If you are renewed but didn’t wish to be, you can request a refund within 30 days of the charge.

I say this with utmost sincerity: We have no interest in charging people for things they do not want. That’s not how we’ve stayed in business for 39 years.

I’m afraid not. First, it does you a disservice. This is a rapidly evolving situation. Although we have a good idea of what’s to come, we simply cannot predict what a CEO, or a central banker, or a politician will do tomorrow…And their actions can dramatically change the timeline and exact configuration of this collapse. Simply selling the book doesn’t seem like the right way to really protect our customers from what’s happening.

Second, selling individual books for $19 is not what allows us to remain independent of Wall Street and the government.

We’re cutting you this deal because we believe that our products, services, and our team members are the best in the country. And what better way to promote our work than simply letting customers see it for themselves? When they do, we find that they generally like us and want to stick around. But again, if you’re not interested, that’s totally okay, too.


(You will have a chance to review before ordering.)

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